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Help for Individuals covers the positive and negative situations you may face – changing directions, issues with colleagues or troubles at work.

Life at work doesn't always go smoothly and sometimes things happen that we have no control over.

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Who'd want to be a manager these days?! Always on call, loads of responsibility, pressure from all directions, the law changing as quickly as each government, cost-cutting, productivity demands and then the people…

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Let's face it…we've been there and know what a tough gig this can be…especially if you're on your own. Sometimes you don't know what the heck to do, and other times, where to start! Whether you want a mentoring relationship or an additional pair of hands, look at what we offer.

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some words of love from those who we care about the most
Jaine is a highly competent, professional HR consultant, skilled in delivering mediation and support in resolving difficult grievance situations. Her disarming nature allowed for clarity around the situation which led to a quick but successful resolution for both parties. It was her particular attention to detail around the process whilst at the same time keeping focused on the human aspect which made her role so pivotal.
Manager in a Multi-National Business
I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday and the feedback I received from the other managers as well is that it was just what we needed. I particularly liked the way you guided the morning, acknowledged and reinforced peoples opinions but at the same time, called a “spade a spade”
Manager, NFP
I was fortunate enough to work with Jaine for a period of approximately 18 months, during which time I was promoted into a Human Resources Manager position. Jaine had a fantastic ability to guide and coach me in such a way that I was able to reach my own conclusions and goals. Her style promotes a learning environment and ensures that those around her are able to develop and benefit from her extensive Human Resources experience. Although Jaine demands a high level of competence and pushed me to constantly do better, she does so in a way that is encouraging and more importantly with a great sense of humour and fun. I recommend Jaine to anyone in search of a mentor or who is in need of human resources expertise.
Manager, Multi-National Company
I have known Tammy now for almost 10 years. We met initially as colleagues working for the same organisation - there she provided a sounding board for me and others. While lately we have been separated not only by organisation but by thousands of kilometres, I still regard Tammy as a colleague. I've continued to contact Tammy to talk through issues and projects and she still provides me with valued advice. Over the last few years I have sought her assistance when dealing with particularly complex issues or challenging customers and situations. Tammy's advice and often coaching assists in getting to a better outcome.
Manager, Multi-National Company
At last someone with a full understanding of management practice and leadership who can instruct and design programmes that suit us rather than one out of a text book. Well planned, well executed with great results.
Owner, SME
At a time when I needed personal advice and was quite frankly a little stressed and unable to think clearly, Jaine personally coached me and helped me through my problem. As a senior manager, it was great for me to have someone like Jaine with her calmness for me to bounce off.
Manager International Company
Jaine was very professional and she really helped me look at things outside the box. Jaine has a good eye in resume creation and has very good ideas on how to positively sell yourself to potential employers and clients.
Manager, National Company
I worked with Tammy and with her mentoring and encouragement, have developed my skills and knowledge within the areas of employee relations, change management and organisational development. Tammy's key strengths are her ability to look below the surface for the answers to problems; to think creatively and innovatively to find new solutions; and, to be a supportive manager and colleague. Tammy is values-driven, loyal and highly professional.
HR Director, Global Company
For nearly 5 years I worked in financial services. I loved working for my employer and threw everything into work. Work turned sour when I moved interstate. Almost immediately there was something off with a female colleague. As months went by she took issue with my work and no matter what I did she would find fault. Perhaps naively, I was not expecting a poor performance review and this is when I sought Tammy’s help. By this stage I was distressed. While I did not click with this colleague, I loved the role and desperately wanted to remain in it. Tammy was invaluable in assisting me. She helped me draft several letters and was also present during a mediation session with my employer. Tammy is very knowledgeable and having her in my corner made all the difference.
Manager Financial Services
I sold my business in which I worked for over 11 years and I was keen to change direction and find new challenges. I had previously contracted Jaine to mentor new managers in my business and setup the organisation's HR policy, but now needed assistance with my own direction. Jaine's friendly, thorough and efficient manner quickly helped me crystalise my core competancies and formulate a plan for change. This coupled with casting an expert eye over my CV and conducting some interview coaching landed me with just the role and challenge I needed.
Nick French
Managing Director
Jaine is a wonderful business coach. She has helped equip me with strategies to improve and sustain my resilience and confidence in dealing with complex people issues, ensuring ongoing alignment with my values.
Carolyn Stroud
Managing Director, Courage Advisory Services
Jaine was very knowledgeable about the complicated work situation that I was experiencing. She gave me a step by step approach to help me prepare for this and any other similar situation. Her manner was calm and I found her non-patronising, which is very important to me. I would recommend Jaine to support, guide and motivate across a broad base of work related issues, wherever someone may be (I'm in the UK).
Catrin Parry
Senior Retail Buyer
I am an HR practitioner and the Director of my own HR practice. When my daughter experienced some HR related issues in her workplace I knew that I was far too emotionally invested to assist her with managing an outcome and made the decision to refer her to Help Me HR. Both my daughter and I could not have been happier with the process delivered by Tammy Tansley at Help Me HR. Her professionalism, considered and conciliatory approach and her gentle handling of what was a very difficult situation resulted in my daughter finding the solutions she was hoping for. Tammy really is an outstanding HR practitioner and Help Me HR is a unique offering. Its clients will be delighted that they made the decision to seek them out for support.
Jodie Beeson
HR Consultant
Need help to get that job? Do not expect a cv typo service! Tammy really cut to the chase on experience fit to advertised role; quickly identifying two key areas that I’d missed emphasising in my application. Couple of killer interview questions too…highly recommended. Thanks Tammy!
Sue Henderson
I recently attended an inspiring workshop "Navigating New Job Opportunities", run by Jaine Edge. This workshop is particularly useful for employees who have been in their same role or workplace for lengthy periods of time. As an individual who has held two to three roles in my organisation over a six year period, I gained many useful insights that will help me as I venture out into the job market. I found this workshop to be professionally presented and practical with real-life examples to focus on, which led me to really enjoy my morning. Jaine also provided me with some individual assistance with my CV and I look forward to making some much needed changes to my CV. Thank you Jaine!
Rick Waddacor
Business Consultant
Jaine recently held a training session on 'Navigating New Job Opportunities' at my organisation. She also coached me in updating my CV, exploring new career options and navigating in the WA job market. Jaine put a lot of research and effort into her training and coaching and I would like to thank her for going far beyond the usual effort for me.
Niklas Sauer
Project Manager
My experience with Jaine was an extremely positive one. I participated in a workshop Jaine conducted on navigating new job opportunities. I was fortunate to then be given the opportunity to be availed of Jaine’s knowledge and expertise in a one to one coaching session with more granular information relating to the interview process and developing a network of contacts. Jaine provided excellent support and practical advice with a high degree of emotional intelligence. I would highly recommend Jaine as an HR consultant for any company or individual.
Stephen J
I recently attended a great workshop with Jaine focused on resume, job application and interview preparation. The workshop was really interactive and Jaine's personable manner encouraged input from all the attendees, which created an open and relaxed atmosphere. I found the information provided by Jaine in the workshop and the course materials really helpful. I've been able to completely revamp my resume so it is now much more succinct and powerful. After the workshop, Jaine personally reviewed my revised resume and provided great feedback to enhance it further. I'm really grateful for the expert advice Jaine provided.
Government Department
I highly recommend the services of Help Me HR. Jaine and Tammy were very professional, they listened and understood my problem then offered honest, pragmatic advice and opinion. They are up-to-date on HR best practice and relevant legislation, which gave me great confidence in negotiating my position with my employer. Thanks again!
Luke Davey
Revamping your resume can be a daunting task! Jaine’s advice enabled me to create a resume that not only demonstrated my past experience but more importantly focused on how I would actually do the job. This was achieved by providing proof that I could solve the problems & challenges faced by the potential employer and contribute to their bottom line. I was successful in my application and with Jaine’s support I was able to move from the government to the private sector and change industry in the process.
Enterprise Architect, ASX Top 50 Company
Jaine and Tammy gave me sound advice in regards to my roster changes and redundancy at work. I highly recommend their services as they helped me understand my contract and explained it in such a way I had a clear course of action going forward.
Ryan Del Borrello - FIFO Worker
At last someone with a full understanding of management practice and leadership who can instruct and design programmes that suit us rather than one out of a text book. Well planned, well executed with great results.
NICK, Owner, SME